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Brutal Booking & Promotion

We have been playing in bands, booking shows, booking tours, running labels, running sound, and working for venues for many years....and we decided to give our efforts a name - Soundcontrol. 

We mostly focus on booking shows in Portland, usually of the metal and punk variety. We'll book any genre though, from ska to noise, if we respect the sounds being created. Our goal is to make sure everyone involved in the show is happy....the bands, the audience, and the venues. We want it to kick ass. We play in bands, and work for venues, so we know what both sides need. We're part of the scene and want it to thrive.

In Portland, we often work with these venues: Rotture, Branx, Tonic Lounge, The High Water Mark, Blackwater, The Know, The Kenton Club, Star Theater, Analog Cafe, and many more!

Chris is also a freelance live sound engineer, and the Rock Talent Buyer at Rotture -
Tim runs Parasitic Records -

We can also help with Seattle shows, via our good friends at the Highline -

We're currently gathering the resources to begin handling tour booking and band management.... 

Questions? Get in touch -


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